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WhiteBooks SAP Integration Connector for e-Way bill

Implement SAP Certified Add on for e-Way Bill

What is WhiteBooks SAP add-on?

A WhiteBooks SAP integration/connector can enhance standard System Applications and Products (SAP). This WhiteBooks e-Way Bill SAP Integration/Connector includes extra functionalities usually unavailable in the leading SAP software. As different organizations require different functionalities, WhiteBooks SAP has created this component to facilitate them and integrated it with the standard SAP.

This WhiteBooks e-Way Bill SAP add-ons are given priority and are above the core components. At the same time, they gain access to the same dictionary or repository objects to perform the required functionality to fulfil the SAP standards.

This shows that the e-Way Bill SAP integration/connector solutions are not dependent on external interfaces or software and can execute with minimum impact on the SAP. This doesn’t mean that WhiteBooks SAP Connector changes the programming code of SAP. Hence, these upgrades will not lead to any complications in the software and maintaining SAP will be the same.

Download the SAP Connector User Guide for e-Way Bill Integration with WhiteBooks.

SAP Connector for e-Way Bill

  • Print e-Way Bills from your SAP dashboard
  • Generate e-Way Bills in bulk
  • Cancel e-Way Bills with just 1-click
  • Generate Delivery Challan, Receipt Note, Debit Note and Credit Note
  • Update Vehicle No. and Transporter ID in Tally
  • Extend and consolidate e-Way Bills with 1-click

WhiteBooks SAP add-on / Connector

We at WhiteBooks have integrated the SAP with e-Way Bill and have given our clients a straight-forward way to process and store their invoices. Additionally this SAP integrated add-on allows calculating and filing GST hassle-free.
WhiteBooks e-Way Bill SAP integrated add-on includes extra functionalities which usually aren’t included with the main SAP software

  • User-friendly
  • Manageable
  • Scalable
  • Extendable
  • Upgradeable
  • Reliable
  • Sustainable
  • Sap Integrated
  • Vat Compliant
  • Audit Trail

Flow of the e-Way Bill Integration with SAP

WhiteBooks SAP add-on / Connector