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Last Updated Date:
Nature of Business Activities:
Nature of Principal Place of Business:
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State Jurisdiction Code:
Center Jurisdiction Code:
Registration Trade Name:
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  • GSTR 2A vs Purchases
  • Sales vs GSTR 1 vs GSTR 3B
  • Purchases vs GSTR2A vs GSTR3B

  • You can download all the Invoices/data back for GSTR1,
    GSTR2A & GSTR 3B in One Click and User Friendly Reports
  • You can also download year wise or month wise or return type
    wise Invoices/data from GSTIN

  • All GSTINs Filing Status Report
  • Multi GSTINs Sale Reports
  • Multi PAN Sales Reports
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  • Multi Month 3B Reports
  • Supplier Filing Status
  • Multi Month 2A Reports & Download
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What is GSTIN / GST Number?

Goods and Services Tax Identification Number or simply "GSTIN" is your unique business identity, consisting of 15 digits.

Why is GSTIN / GST Number is Important ?

The GST Number / GSTIN will be used when filing your returns, against those of your vendors, thereby creating transparency in all transactions and reducing the chances of tax manipulation and evasion.


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Verify the GSTIN / GST Number Online Instantly by Whitebooks

GST number verification tool as shown above, just put the GSTIN or GST Number to be looked for in the search tab, in the correct format and check captcha and click on ‘Verify’ to search GSTIN information. The GSTIN Verification tool fetches the data directly from the GSTIN servers and displays the GSTIN search results. It’s that simple.

By using this GST number checking tool , you can also check whether the given number is correct or not. If the GSTIN provided is incorrect, then you will get an error message. If correct you will see the details attached to the GSTIN (as shown below), such as:

  1. Legal Name of Business
  2. State Jurisdiction
  3. Center Jurisdiction
  4. Date of registration
  5. Constitution of Business
  6. Taxpayer Type
  7. GSTIN / UIN Status
  8. Nature of Business Activities

GSTIN / GST Number Format & Structure

GSTIN GST Identification Number

Format of GSTIN

GSTIN format
State Code Permanent Account Number(PAN) Entry Number Of the
same PAN
holder in State
"Z" by
Sum Digit
  • The first 2 digits denote the unique state code in accordance with the Indian Census 2011. For instance,
    the state code of New Delhi is 07 and that of Karnataka is 29.
  • The next 10 characters denote the PAN number of the taxpayer.
  • The 13th digit denotes the registration number of the tax payer with the same PAN number.
  • The 14th digit is "Z” by default for all – not intending anything currently.
  • The 15th digit is the check digit – can be a number or an alphabet.

Miss-use of GSTIN

A change brought to the methods used causes unrest, leading to misuse/abuse of the system initially. Implementation of GST has seen some businesses profiting from GST. By displaying a fake GSTIN on the invoices, Such instances of fooling the consumers are on the surge while hitting the government revenues big time. However, this evasion and manipulation cannot last long as when returns are filed, the mismatches will become clear and drop the spotlight on the culprits.

How to complain about illegality of GSTIN / GST Number?

You can inform to the respective authorities [Gurgaon / Noida] know of the illegality usage of GST Number by e-mailing them at and also call them on | +91 124 4688999 / +91 120 4888999.

How to verify the GSTIN Number / GST Number Using PAN ?

Government has provided new PAN based search service to get the GSTIN, State, and Status. To get the the details of the company using gst number search using pan number, first enter the pan number of gstin you want search. By validating pan number you entered, you will get the gst number of that pan number. By using this GST number, Whitebooks GST Software provides GSTIN Number Search service.

Can I get GST Number / GSTIN By search with Company Name?

Right now GST is providing the details to search by GSTIN number. We can not get the GSTIN Number by search with Company name.

Use Whitebooks GST Calculator tool to Know the Total amount including GST. Our Whitebooks GST Software is used for GST Billing, Invoicing & Filing with ease.