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WhiteBooks Tally Integration/Connector for e-Invoice

WhiteBooks Tally Connector is Designed to generate e-Invoice from your existing tally software within 3 Clicks

  1. Download & Install the DLL files from here.
  2. Create user name and password by clicking this document.
  3. Generate e-invoice with one click.

Generate e-Invoice within your Tally

Using WhiteBooks Tally Connector users can now directly export sales data from Tally into WhiteBooks for filling GST returns in a single click.

  • No need to use excel or CSV to import the invoices
  • No visit required at govt. e-Invoice portal
  • It helps to avoid the manual hassle of downloading and uploading data to the GSTIN
  • Improves the accuracy of GST filing for Tally users
  • Reduces your data preparation time significantly.

Manage All the Data At One Place

You Can View, Download, Edit, Update, Cancel And Delete Data By Using WhiteBooks Software.

Print e-Invoice with QR Code and IRN

The IRP will generate a QR code containing the unique IRN (hash) along with some important parameters of invoice and digital signature so that it can be verified on the central portal as well as by an Offline App.

The QR code will consist of the following e-Invoice parameters:

  • GSTIN of supplier
  • GSTIN of Recipient
  • Invoice number as given by Supplier
  • Date of generation of invoice
  • Invoice value (taxable value and gross tax)
  • Number of line items
  • HSN Code of main item (the line item having highest taxable value)
  • Unique Invoice Reference Number (hash)